Coffin & Casket Selection

Coffins and caskets

We offer a range of coffins including cardboard, wooden and metal caskets amongst the more traditional choices. Your budget may guide your choice of coffin or casket and it is also possible for coffins to be decorated to reflect the life of the person that has died.

Any of the three coffins below are included the price of our standard funeral.

The Cambridge

The Longsdale

The Morpeth

Requim Coffins - Additional cost available on request.

The Shannon

The Vatican

The Winchester

American Caskets - More options available on request POA

Metal Casket

Wooden Casket

Other coffin options - Additional cost - other styles available on request.

Cardboard Coffin


Picture Coffin

Glitter Coffin

Wooden Caskets - More options available on request POA

The Lesbury Casket

The Bede Casket

Reflection Casket

Urns - Various designs POA

Candle Urn

Wooden Urn

Scatter Tubes - Various styles and sizes POA

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