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Mick Muller - Company Owner

Clark Pearson established in 1989. Mick then took over in 1990 and built the family business up to what it is today and made the caring and professional reputation that we still have to this day. Mick carried out all the funeral directing from 1990 to 2011 on his retirement. Mick now sees the overall running of the family business day by day.Mick has always made family his main priority and makes sure that the families that choose Clark Pearson for their loved ones are made to feel that way also. This is how he has built up the reputation that we have today and likes it to carry on as the family business he cherishes.

Kath Muller- Company Owner

Kath deals with the overall running of the business. As well as dealing with all accounts and clerical work.

Danielle Stott - Office Administrator

Danielle works across numerous departments covering all administration and clerical work as well as helping the running of the business.

Karen Vincent & Ian Golightly - Funeral Directors

Karen and Ian carry out all of our funeral arrangements to the conducting of the funeral to helping families with all other aspects of the funeral . They pride themselves to help the families through this difficult time and any advice and guidance that they need.

Davey Mckie - Funeral Service Assistant

Davey's role is to take care of and the preparation of the deceased. He also keeps up with the maintenance of the funeral cortege. Davey also prides himself on helping families through this difficult time and will help with any advice and guidance they need.

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