What to Do After a Death

Although there are many things to consider after the death of a loved one. The following information details some of the more specific areas for consideration.If you feel you need further clarification and need any guidance at all you can give us a call we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have and offer our expertise to you.

At Home

If your loved one has passed away at home is to contact the medical services either ambulance service or the deceased's GP. THEY will confirm the death and make sure the appropriate death certification will be drawn up.

In Hospital

If your loved one has passed away in hospital, the medical staff will certify the death and tell you where and when to collect the medical certificate of cause of death. Ring the Registrar office for an appointment to register the death, the local number is Newcastle 0191 2787878.Please contact Clark Pearson as soon as possible and we will help you through this sad time to guide you through the process.

HM Coroner

  • If the death was sudden, unexpected or the Doctor is unable to issue a medical cause of death certificate then it will be reported to the Coroner.
  • The Coroner's Officer will contact the family and keep them informed of what is happening.
  • They will decide whether there will need to be a post mortem examination.
  • They will also advise you as to when you will be able to register the death and will send the paperwork direct to the Registrar's Office for you to collect the Copy of the Entry.
  • If the Coroner decides that an inquest is necessary, they will usually be able to issue the forms required for the funeral to go ahead by opening the inquest for the purpose of the identification of the deceased and then adjourn it until further investigations have taken place.
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