What to Consider

We will guide through every step in organising a funeral that is personal, memorable and affordable. Here are some things to consider when planning the funeral of a loved one.


It is possible for the person that has died to be dressed in their own clothes that will be familiar to friends and family. This could be anything from a best suit or dress, to their favourite outfit. It is also possible for items such as photographs and jewellery to be placed in the coffin. Please do think about whether you would like to hold on to jewellery such as the wedding ring.

Music and the Order of Service

You can select the music that will be played on entering and leaving the place of service and you may select the hymns or music during the service. The orders of service can be personalised with appropriate photographs or drawings.


We can place funeral notices and acknowledgements in local newspapers on your behalf and guide you with the wording of these.


Aside from the traditional hearses, there are many alternative options available for the funeral transportation such as horse drawn carriages and motor cycle carriages. We also provide a fleet of cars.

Accommodation for family and friends, and catering

We can advise on conveniently placed local hotels or arrange for outside caterers to attend either at your own home or in a local hall.Please docontact usto ask any questions you might have. We are available 24/7.

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